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Florida man faces charges of drug possession after arrest

Florida officials say that they have arrested one of their most wanted persons. The arrest came recently in Brevard County. The man that was taken not custody was wanted on criminal charges that included drug possession and probation violation.

A report of the arrest states that Florida police went to a home where they suspected the man to be hiding. Once there, they say that they found the man attempting to leave the residence through a bedroom window. They took him into custody and placed him in the Brevard County Jail. He will be expected to appear in court in the coming weeks to answer the formal allegations now pending against him.

The man faces criminal accusations such as drug possession. In the past, he is said to have been found guilty of similar crimes, including those involving street and prescription drugs. Though this may be the case, the current accusations must be proved on their own.

When a person in Florida is accused of a crime such as drug possession, they must necessarily work to present a defense against the accusations. The opportunity to present a defense is a fundamental right of people in our country. However, in some cases, an accused individual decides to accept some or all of the criminal charges made against them as part of a plea negotiation. The choice is an important one that should not be made without efforts to understand the applicable laws and the potential outcomes for each choice. In that manner, a decision may be reached about the optimal way to proceed in order to obtain the best possible result.

Source:, “Brevard deputies nab ‘most wanted’ fugitive,” Andrew Ford, May 29, 2013


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