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Florida doctors face prescription drug crime charges

Two Florida doctors are among the last of defendants who have gone through the trial process after police say that they committed drug related crimes while employed at a local ‘pill-mill’. The doctors are accused of prescription drug crime relating to the use of oxycodone of their patients. In total, 32 people have been charged after a sting-style operation by police, a report indicates.

The doctors assert that they did not commit the prescription drug crimes for which they are accused. They say that they are both distinguished professionals who did not know that the clinic that employed them allowed for inappropriate use of prescriptions of drugs. In fact, a defense official says that they expect a person from Harvard University to come to the aid of the doctors during the trial.

The clinic that employed the doctors is said to have operated in several states. Police say that some of those who obtained prescriptions form the clinics were, in fact, drug dealers. It is unclear just how the jury will decide in this Florida prescription drug crime case.

When a person in Florida finds that they are accused of a prescription drug crime they often respond in a similar way, as did the physicians in this case. Each of the doctors has asserted that they were innocent and accused of crimes that they did not commit. The good news for them, and all others in similar situations, is that they have a fundamental right to defend themselves in the court of law of our state.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Doctors blamed in pill mill deaths go on trial,” Paula McMahon, June 7, 2013


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