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Florida pair faces drug possession and animal cruelty allegations

A Florida couple came to the attention of authorities after people contacted them to report potential criminal activity at their home. When they went to the residence, officials say, the couple allowed them to enter. It was after that entry that the couple was charged with crimes such as drug possession and animal cruelty.

Most shocking to Florida officials, they say, were the 47 dogs that they found in the residence. The dogs were in cages strewn across the home, some in conditions that were described as deplorable. The animals were surrendered and are being cared for by Animal Control.

The drug possession charges came to the couple because police say that they also discovered an herbal alternative to marijuana in the home. The herb, called ‘Hawaiian Haze and Orange Crush’ is apparently a drug listed by the state of Florida as one that is illegal. The couple was charged with three counts of crimes relating to the possession after police searched their home and say that they also discovered packing materials for narcotics.

Being charged with drug possession in Florida is a serious situation for those who stand accused. This is because, if they were to be convicted of such an offense, penalties could be assessed. However, before that could happen, authorities must be able to prove their allegations that a crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard applies not only to the possession, but also to all elements of the entry into the home and the search that led to the animals and the drugs, allegedly. Police our subject to procedural rules that, if broken, could render all allegations against the couple in this case moot.

Source: The Global Dispatch, “Randall Huggins, Bernice Walskey, Florida couple arrested on drug, animal cruelty charges,” Brandon Jones, May 7, 2013


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