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Deputy arrested on drug possession charges

A deputy in the Florida Keys area has been arrested on charges of drug possession. Reportedly, the deputy tried to buy narcotics from an informant while he was on duty. He was arrested and now faces several felony charges, including drug possession charges.

The felony charges include conspiracy to buy narcotics, possession of narcotics and possession of drugs, including controlled narcotics, without a prescription. He also had possession of drug paraphernalia and was given a misdemeanor for that violation. He is currently suspended without pay while Florida detectives conclude an investigation.

After the officer supposedly bought drugs from an informant, he then was stopped by another police officer. Law enforcement found several narcotic pills in his vehicle and they found pills that had been stolen from a family member’s home. He admitted to officers that he had ingested part of a pill before he was formally arrested for drug possession.

The arrest of this officer was part of a sting that was done with the assistance of a federal agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Presumably, the officer was suspected even before the drug charges, hence the sting operation. The accused officer is currently out on bail, awaiting the next step in this legal process.

While it is of utmost importance for law enforcement to uphold standards of integrity and honesty, they are viewed as any other citizen in the eyes of the law, should they be arrested. This man is considered innocent in the eyes of the law until, and only if, there has been sufficient proof presented to the contrary. There is a pending investigation into this case of drug possession.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Florida Keys deputy arrested on drug charges,” April 7, 2013


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