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Florida men accused of drug possession after police raid

Florida officials say that they are continuing to investigate a home where they conducted a raid recently. The raid ended with the arrest of three local residents. The three were all charged with crimes relating to drug possession after the police came to the home where they reside.

According to early reports of the police raid, Florida officials found drugs, paraphernalia, a gun and large amounts of cash when they entered the residence. It is not known what led police to come to the home where the three individuals lived. However, after police were finished, all of the accused defendants faced drug possession and other charges.

Police maintain that someone had attempted to hide a rock of crack cocaine in a baby sock inside of the home. In addition, they say that they found cocaine, marijuana and a handmade smoking pipe. The police also confiscated a handgun with several rounds of ammunition and $3,126 in cash.

The individuals involved in this case must now work to defend themselves against the drug possession accusations. As they do, they may wish to review all evidence including the details of what led police to their residence before the raid. The drug possession charges can be serious and the efforts at a defense are important to those in our state seeking to clear their names from accusations of a crime. These efforts can be important because the accused individuals in this case, like all in similar situations in our state, are considered innocent of such charges until otherwise is proven.

Source:, “Crack Rock In Baby Sock Discovered During Florida Drug Raid,” Feb. 4, 2013


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