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2 Florida teens face drug trafficking charges

Two Florida teens are now facing serious criminal charges after a police operation that happened recently. According to a report, the teenagers were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. They were said to have sold drugs, including Ecstacy, to undercover police officials.

The published details of the arrest indicate that one of the teens, a juvenile, came into contact with police officials when he sold them 7 grams of the drug Ecstasy. The officers then say that they arranged to buy additional drugs from the juvenile. That is when the teenager allegedly told them that he would introduce them to his supplier, who was also a teenager.

An arrangement was apparently made for the pair to meet with undercover police. Once this occurred, officials say that the two teenagers sold them 8 grams of the drug. This transaction led to the drug trafficking charges and the boys’ arrest.

Like all others facing drug trafficking charges in Florida, the boys in this case are innocent until proven otherwise. In this case, that could mean that the accused kids could present a defense that includes questioning the actions of police that led to the alleged sales of the drugs to police. If successful, such a defense could allow the boys to not only defend themselves but clear their names of all criminal charges. To achieve this goal, it may do well for the boys to review all of the applicable laws relating to drug trafficking in an effort to better understand the accusations made against them.

Source:, “Port Charlotte teens accused of trafficking ecstacy,” Feb. 12, 2013


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