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Florida woman faces drug possession charges at mall

People who find themselves accused of committing crimes have the right to fight the charges against them, or to negotiate a plea deal with authorities in some cases. A Florida woman recently found herself facing criminal accusations after coming into contact with local police at a mall. The accused woman has been charged with crimes including ones related to drug possession and shoplifting. The incident happened at the Santa Rosa Mall.

According to a recent report, the woman at the center of the drug possession related case and another female were stopped by a Florida deputy after a security guard at the mall reported suspicions of shoplifting by the pair. When confronted by authorities, at least one of the women is said to have admitted that she had not purchased clothing in her possession. The retail value of the shoplifted clothes hovered near $450.

In addition to the clothing found, officials say that they discovered prescription medication in the accused woman’s purse. The drugs were in a bottle with a name different from the two shoplifting suspects. Upon inspection, authorities say they learned that the pills were alprazolam. Because the pills in the bottle were for another individual, police arrested the woman on drug possession charges.

Now the accused woman in this case faces the serious charges that include the drug possession allegations. Like all who have been accused of such crimes in our state, she has the right to present a full defense against the claims. The defense may include evidence pointing to the ownership of the pills that led to her arrest. Because there are two sides to every story, it may do well for readers to remember that all are innocent until proven otherwise of any criminal charge.

Source:, “Alleged shoplifter also busted for drug possession,” Jan. 11, 2013


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