Readers in Florida may be interested to learn about a flurry of arrests that were made recently by local authorities in Palm Beach County. As a part of a prescription drug crime sting, police say that they took four men from Boynton Beach into custody. The men now face criminal charges related to prescription drug crime.

According to a report, the men are suspected of having orchestrated a prescription drug crime ring that operated in Florida. The alleged crime ring is said to have been responsible for the trafficking of as many as 45,000 oxycodone pills between April and Nov. 2011. The arrests, say authorities, are just the first in what could include more than 40 other people.

The drug ring obtained fake prescriptions from employees of a local medical clinic, police say. People were purportedly recruited to fill the false prescriptions. The drugs that were obtained were sold on the streets for $20 to $30 per pill. Police assert that the accused men made $3,000 for every bottle of the illicit drugs that they sold.

As is the case with all people who are accused of prescription drug crime in Florida, the men in this case are innocent of all charges unless and until they are proven guilty by a measure of proof characterized as beyond a reasonable doubt. As the criminal proceedings unfold, the men will have the opportunity to present a full defense against the charges that can include confronting witness testimony against them and challenging the admissibility of evidence offered in support of the charges. In addition, these men will likely benefit from gaining an understanding of the applicable laws and procedures as applied to the pending allegations.

Source:, “45 Suspects Charged In South Florida Prescription Fraud Case,” Juan Ortega, Jan. 17, 2013