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Man arrested in Florida on drug possession charges

A man who has been arrested in Florida is, according to some reports, a kingpin of drug crimes in the local area. However, according to arrest records published recently, the man had allegedly been arrested under a different alias back in 2008. Now, he faces drug possession charges that include possession with intent to sell, felony possession of marijuana and firearm charges.

Florida officials say that they recently arrested the accused man at a home in Sarasota. During the arrest, police assert that they took into evidence 9.5 pounds of marijuana, $18,000 in cash and several altered firearms. The marijuana is said to have a street value of $11,400.

The accused man in this case is from Jamaica, and he was held on an administrative hold prior to being charged with the drug possession crimes. This may have been due to potential immigration and custom violations made by the accused man. In addition, police assert that the accused used a false name to conduct the drug operations in Florida and across the nation.

Though officials have made many assertions against the man in this case and have even charged him with drug possession crimes, he is innocent of all charges at this time. This is due to the fact that he, like all accused in our state, has a right to a trial on the charges. In addition, police will be forced to prove all allegations made against this individual by presenting competent evidence in court. This will offer the accused man a chance to counter the assertions made against him by local authorities should he choose to do so.

Source: Sarasota, FL Patch, “Upper Level Sarasota Drug Dealer Charged In Federal Bust,” Charles Schelle, Oct. 30, 2012


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