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Florida women accused of drug possession after traffic stop

Recently a Florida woman allegedly took an unusual step as she attempted to hide the drugs that she is accused of possessing from police. According to a report, the woman hid the drugs in her dentures. When asked to remove the false teeth, police say they discovered three rocks of crack cocaine in the women’s mouth. This discovery led to a drug possession charge

The incident that led to the arrest of the woman and her companion began when the pair was stopped after driving suspiciously around a Florida town. Police stopped the pair who they say were acting as if they were nervous. Upon investigation, police say they discovered several pieces of cocaine-type drugs in the possession of the woman and her passenger.

After the traffic stop, both women were arrested and charged with drug possession. They were taken to a local jail where they posted bond. Both were charged with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Like all who have been accused of drug possession in our state, the women in this case are innocent of all charges until proven guilty by the presentation of competent evidence at trial. In this matter, the accused may wish to present a defense that includes all aspects of the traffic stop that led to their arrest. Such a traffic stop is governed by strict rules, including procedures that must be followed before police can arrest a driver or passenger. In this type of case, the person who has been accused of a crime may benefit from an understanding of all applicable laws as they seek to defend themselves against the serious accusations made by police.

Source:, “Florida woman arrested for hiding crack cocaine inside of dentures – National Strange News,” Brian Gillie, Nov. 5, 2012


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