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Florida doctor convicted of prescription drug crime

Reports of prescription drug crime in Florida and across the nation have appeared to increase in recent years. Now a 68-year-old doctor has been accused of prescription drug crime and has been sentenced to two years in prison. He was said to have written illegal prescriptions while working with Jasper Hospital, which has since closed for business.

The doctor stands accused of prescribing medications such as oxycodone outside of his professional practice. The controlled substances were given to people who may not have been his patients. The pain killer is a controlled substance that can only be prescribed by a doctor.

The prescription drug crime claims assert that the doctor was running a Florida pill mill. Such pill mills are thought to use prescription drug suppliers, such as medical professionals, to get the powerful drugs to addicts and drug dealers. The doctor was accused of billing Medicaid improperly in this prescription drug crime case.

As is the case with all accused of such prescription drug crime in Florida, the doctor in this case had the right to present a defense against the accusations made against him. Anyone accused of a crime in our state has the right to challenge witnesses and physical evidence offered in support of the criminal charges. They also have the right to attempt to negotiate a plea arrangement with prosecutors in the hopes of securing a result that they deem to be in their best interests. Whichever approach is taken, the accused individual may benefit from securing professional guidance and assistance to fight for the best possible result.

Source: Bradenton Herald, “North Florida doctor sentenced in pill mill case,” Nov. 2, 2012


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