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Prescription drug crime charges made against Florida man

A chiropractor in Florida is prohibited by law from prescribing controlled substances. However, one man is accused of doing just that after several of his patients allegedly became sick using the drugs that he prescribed for them. The prescription drug crime charges against the doctor came after a two-year investigation that included both federal and state agencies.

The Florida chiropractor has surrendered his license as a result of an administrative complaint pending against him. In addition, he is the subject of federal criminal charges and could face up to 40 years in prison if he were to be convicted of the accusations. He is currently being held at the Orange County Jail.

The prescription drug crime charges claim that the doctor used another doctor’s name and DEA number to issue the prescriptions to his patients. Authorities say that they have interviewed some 60 people who were patients of the chiropractor. At least one person claims he suffered an overdose after taking the prescriptions, and another alleges that she had a withdrawal seizure the powerful drugs.

Though he has been accused of a serious prescription drug crime, those accusations have not yet been proven. There may be a mistake as to the charges that have been made that could clear the name of the doctor in this case.

Like all of those who have been accused of crimes, the doctor in this case is innocent unless and until he is proven guilty. His defense against the accusations may include proof that he did not actually write the prescriptions, or perhaps he worked with the doctor whose name is on the forms. It is not clear what he will assert in his defense, only that he is able to present one to challenge and evidence and testimony offered against him for these prescription drug crime accusations.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Rx for Danger: Records: Chiropractor illegally prescribed drugs to patients,” Amy Pavuk, May 29, 2012


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