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Drug possession among accusations against 5 Florida men

Florida police conducted a sweep in Hernando County last week that resulted in the arrest and charging of several local men. The search warrants were served in Spring Hill and five people were arrested. The charges against the accused individuals included drug possession and possession with intent to sell.

The search warrants were served by the vice and narcotics unit of the local police at three different locations around the Hernando County area. The drugs allegedly seized included crack cocaine and marijuana. All five of the arrests came after police completed what they described as a significant amount of detective work.

The media reports have indicated that the men involved have been charged with several crimes, including drug possession, intent to sell and having drug paraphernalia. However, as many in Florida know, no person who has been accused of a crime is guilty before they have a chance to defend against the accusations. Every person who is charged with any crime in Florida is fully entitled to the legal presumption of innocence unless and until the prosecution is able to prove its case in a court room and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Every person who is charged with drug possession or another crime has the right to confront witnesses and challenge all of the evidence gathered against them. In cases such as this where search warrants have been issued, the evidence used to obtain the warrants as well as the process of serving them may all come into question as the criminal proceedings make their way through the criminal justice system. Nevertheless, each accused individual would do well to focus on the accusations specific to them as they fight to clear their name and reach a successful conclusion.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “5 arrested in Hernando drug sweep,” Laura Herrera, June 5, 2012


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