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Prescription drug sales: Feds say they broke up Florida theft ring

The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida has claimed that a Florida-based crime ring has been uncovered. Those arrested are accused of stealing at least $80 million in prescription drugs. Accusations have also been made that the ring attempted to distribute the stolen property through illegal prescription drug sales. An 18-count indictment was returned in Miami against 11 individuals.

The men are accused of participating in the theft of antidepressants, antipsychotics and other prescription drugs. They are suspected of bringing the drugs to south Florida to sell them to consumers. Additionally, two of the men were charged with the theft of another $75 million in drugs. The accusations against the men, if proven, would make them responsible for one of the biggest prescription drug crimes in history.

The arrest for the theft of prescription drugs stems from the theft of the large amount from the Eli Lilly & Company. In addition, the drugs were allegedly taken from tractor-trailer trucks parked at rest stops on the highway. Authorities say the arrests came after a three-year investigation.

The alleged large prescription drug sales crime ring is accused of federal crimes much larger in scale than many of those committed in Florida. However, like all of those who are charged with drug-related crime, those accused in this matter will have the legal right to present a full defense against the criminal charges.

This right will allow them to argue against evidence gathered during the investigations and also to confront any witnesses presented against them in court. No conviction can occur in any criminal matter without the allegations being proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and as they confront the federal charges against them, these individuals are entitled to the very same presumption of innocence that protects all who are accused of a crime.

Source: Fox News, “Feds break up major Florida-based prescription drug theft ring,” Fox News Latino, May 3, 2012


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