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Drug possession charges stem from suspected burglary

Sometimes when Florida residents are charged with drug possession crimes, the allegations are a part of other charges filed against the individual. For example, erratic driving could prompt a traffic stop by police officers. If drugs are found in a subsequent search of the vehicle, drug possession charges could well result.

Recently, several Florida young people were arrested and at least two were charged with drug possession crimes after an alleged burglary in Port Charlotte on March 16. A woman returning to her home at about 3 a.m. notified police of suspicious activity. Police responded and began following a Ford SUV, performing a traffic stop after purportedly seeing items being tossed from the vehicle.

Two of the four occupants fled on foot though both were later arrested. All were charged with burglary and grand theft. In addition, the 16-year-old driver was also detained for possession of opiates and narcotics paraphernalia. One of the individuals who ran away from the traffic stop, a 17-year-old girl, was located later that day in a local restaurant bathroom. She was also charged with possession of methadone, Diazapam/Valium and narcotics paraphernalia on top of the burglary and theft allegations.

Like all persons who have been accused of a crime, those arrested in this matter will have the right to a full and complete defense. They will additionally have the opportunity to question all witnesses and evidence that is presented against them. This may include the events surrounding the arrest and any accusations stemming from crimes alleged, including drug possession evidence.

As they work to prepare a defense against the charges, the individuals may do well to collect all available information regarding the incident and focus on each aspect of the crimes alleged. This will assist them in presenting a case to the court that is charged with determining their innocence or guilt. The court will have to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt before any guilty verdict can be sustained, and part of that adjudication will necessarily involve a decision as to whether or not all of the legal rights to which the accused are entitled were honored.

Source: The News-Press, “4 arrested in Charlotte County on 21 total charges in case involving home burglary, theft, drugs,” March 19, 2012


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